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    • May 28, 2017
      What's New at IAFF 1813


      WAT E R S A F E T Y

      Eliminate distractions like checking

      social networks or email and stay within arm’s reach

      of young swimmers at all times.


      Learn CPR and First Aid, know the signs of drowning

      and keep a phone close in case you need to call 911.


      Install fences in swim areas, empty kiddie pools and

      tubs immediately after use, and provide swim lessons

      to children as young as one.

      Disaster Preparedness Checklist

      Disaster Preparedness Press Release

      Call to Action – Brothers in Need

      Recent developments within the City of Huntington, WV have proven dire for our Brothers and Sisters at Huntington Local 289. On January 26th Mayor Stephen Williams dismissed several of their firefighting brothers from their positions in an effort to balance a $4.8 million budget deficit due to improper fiscal management of the city’s budget.

      Unfortunately, it is a well known fact that anytime there is a budget shortfall, it is always those on the front line who are made to absorb the impact of mismanagement. In an effort to lessen the impact on those who have lost their jobs, our Brothers and Sisters of Local 289 are hosting a gun raffle. All proceeds will benefit those who have been cut. Local 1813 stands strong with our Brothers and Sisters of Local 289. If you are interested in purchasing a raffle ticket please click the photo below to message Local 289 Facebook page or call Lt. John Nicholas at 304-617-5712.

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